The Company Man

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m talking about all these older Korean movies and older Korean TV shows, but I’m just discovering Korean TV, and so I’m in catch-up mode.  This past holiday week, I took the time out to watch The Company Man on Netflix.  LOVED. IT. My favorite korean actor by far was the star of this movie, and So Ji Sub’s character (Hyeong-Do) was just how I liked him; dark, intense, methodical.  The movie’s flow was a bit choppy, but it still got the point across.

So Ji Sub is the MAN in this movie.  He plays the quiet, methodical hit man for hire in a very structured company pretending to be a metal fabrication firm.  Unfortunately for Hyeong-Do, he meets a single mom, falls in love and decides he wants out of his violent job.  Of course the company tracks him down, targeting his new found love, and what else – he goes postal on that company.   Typical movie plot, but done in a So Ji way.  There was a scene where he was begging them to let his loved ones go, and when they wouldn’t, he closed his eyes, let out a single tear that rolled down his cheek – right before he jumped up and whooped everyone’s you-know-what, but too late to save the girl.  He was just as cold, collective, and handsome as ever, I must say I find him quite sexy this way.  I know, I’m a sick and twisted sister.

I’ve heard he’s wanting to move away from these dark roles, but he does them so well, I beg him to still continue to do them.  He draws me completely in, and I keep comparing him to Johnny Depp because Mr Depp does the exact same thing to me when I watch his movies.  I think So Ji Sub is actually cuter, more mysterious, but Johnny Depp is in a league all his own.

If you’re like me and new to Korean movies and TV shows, this one should definitely be added to your list. I found it on Netflix, so if you have a subscription, hop on over and take a look – and get your pop corn ready 😉

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