Song Ga Yeon Debut Fight Stunner!

I am going to start this post by saying, in a very humble voice, head lowered, eyes downcast…….that Song Ga Yeon ROCKED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HER DEBUT FIGHT **YEEEAAAAH**GIRL POWER, BABY**!!!!

I would be way too terrified to get in a ring with anyone and have them slap me around even playfully, let alone knee me in the ribs repeatedly, but Ga Yeon is one tough cookie and she took it like a CHAMP, baby.  She came out of the gate fierce and swinging (or swaangin’ if you wanna put some street slang to that dust up).  Yeah, what was all that talk about the Japanese style of MMA training? Come out fighting fierce and relentlessly?  Um, No.  Ga Yeon flipped it and schooled them on how to do that.  Here’s the fight stunner – there wasn’t even a round 2.  There was barely a round 1.  Two minutes into it and it was over.  I was looking around for Mike Tyson’s spirit to float out of her when she was done.  I thought “why bother to raise her hand, every knows who won that fight”.  I would have gotten up and left the arena after that ’cause I got my money’s worth and I know who the winner was already. A no brainer.

But as such, it was really hard for me to watch Ga Yeon get punched and kicked.  My face was more contorted than any of her roommates.  No tears though, but if I were watching that live I’m sure I would cry the first time she gets hit.  I always shake my head when anyone watches these MMA fights.  Boxing is hard enough to watch, it’s a bit more controlled, but there are rules, a little bit of swagger and style.  But this MMA thing makes my stomach churn even when I see complete and utter strangers get their butts served up. To watch someone, even a reality celebrity that you’ve seen as a gentle little sister, a quiet soul turn into a roaring tiger in the ring, it’s still hard to watch her get hit by anyone.

That was evidenced by the tears from NaNa, Se Ho, Dong Wook, even Min Woo looked like he would break down at some point.  The fact that there’s a teensie-weensie clue that there’s a CAGE wrapped around the ring might tell you that this scene is going to have an ugly end for someone.  They definitely mean business.  Whoa, Ga Yeon.  I always had a lot of respect for your discipline, your quiet strength, your determination.  But that fight sealed the respect deal from me to you as an all around, goal oriented, get-what-you-want-and-fight-with-the-boys kind of girl that you are.  ‘Nuff respect, Ga Yeon, ’nuff respect.  If you look for it you’ll see an “mma” in Roommate….pun intended ;^) .

I’m sure I speak for many Roommate fans when I say I am so proud of you.  You worked it, you earned it, you deserved it.  **BIG Bow** Well done, crouching tiger!



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