Sly Sweet Potato Phone Calls

Episode 3 of I Need Romance 3 is now on  I’m going to start this post out by asking a question. That sly little sweet potato that is Allen Joo played by Sung Joon is ugly?  Has Shin Joo Yeon lost her eye site?  I know she doesn’t recognize her little baby sitting recipient, but boy did she call it wrong.  Allen is as sexy as he wants to be with that sly little smile, those “pull you in” eyes, and he makes her confused?

Oh, Joo Yeon, he makes you confused because you may be falling for Allen Joo and your twisted little lack of belief in love makes your mind all cloudy.   Your tough little act is fooling no one except your ex-boyfriend.  He even revealed to your frenemy Oh Se Ryung, that he broke up with you because he couldn’t tell if you loved him, and your lack of breaking a sweat or shedding a tear probably confirmed his incorrect suspicions.  But now I understand why your ex kissed you so passionately on the steps before breaking up with you in episode one.  But what’s with all the testing a girl’s love by breaking up?  Are we back in high school?

What’s even more confusing to me is Joo Yeon hasn’t figured out the Allen Joo/sweet potato connection yet, even though she speaks several times a day to her sweet potato on the phone.  She doesn’t recognize it to be the same unbelievably sexy voice when she talks to Allen? And I thought Joo Yeon was a smart girl.

Sexy young Allen has to use all kinds of tricks just to get Joo Yeon to meet up with him, pretending his car is still having problems after repairing the damages from Joo Yeon’s little misdirected temper tantrum.  Why is Joo Yeon so mean to Allen when the man has that lovely deep voice, that mischievous sly ‘n tender tease of a smile, that permanent sexy “smeyes” to his eyes?  As an added bonus he’s tall, confident and crazy about Joo Yeon even though she’s as mean as a snake to him on the phone.  Why???  When he let himself into her home, I was hoping he would wait there and scare the crap out of Joo Yeon as payback, but I guess it’s too early in the game to reveal himself.

But I must give Allen some credit, he knows when to tease and when to move in for the kill.  He had the opportunity to move in for the kiss and school Joo Yeon at the same time.  Who’s the younger of the two here?  I can’t tell, ’cause Allen is teaching Joo Yeon just how to start a relationship with a kiss, and a fine, perfectly timed kiss it was.  No screaming at the TV for me because of a missed opportunity.  He kissed right on time, with the right amount of sexiness and skill.   I can’t wait to see Joo Yeon’s reaction when she finds out that kiss came not only from Allen but “sweet potato” as well.

As for the other hottie in this series, Director Kang Tae Yoon, who used to date Joo Yeon’s frenemy, I can’t wait to see where that goes.  Was he the “guy” that Oh Se Ryung stole from Joo Yeon?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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