I Need Romance


Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I Need Romance 3 is over! No more sultry voice from my little Sweet Potato.  No more teasing  and torturing Joo Yeon about her crazy love life or lack there of.  No more open book affection from Joo Wan for Joo Yeon.  He really was not afraid to let her know how he truly felt about her.  I LOVED that.  And I loved and will miss his sense of humor approach to pursuing her.  I’ll even miss the quirky music.

Ah, and the ending….. Sweet Potato/Allen Joo/Joo Wan got the girl in the end (giggle), and I’m as giddy as a high school romantic. He started with a kiss, ended with a kiss, and in between, taught the love of his life how to love and mean it, how to let loose and let go of her fears and insecurities.  That’s actually a perfect way to do it…pursue the love of your life, check out her weaknesses and tweak them, let her practice with other guys and screw up and break up with them, not you Sweet Potato, teach her what real love should look like, all while convincing her to take you seriously, and come running back to you.  It Worked!

I Need Romance 3Even Oh Se Ryung got a “somewhat” happy ending.  She still has hope that she may get her “uber” cool guy Tae Yoon back.  Tae Yoon was one sexy “kat” in this series.  He just didn’t break a sweat ever.  Even his anger was cool.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that found that very sexy.  Love it!Oh Se Ryung

And then there was the “odd” couple, Lee Min Jung and her secret lover turned baby-daddy.  He was so funny – and cute – with his practice baby and his fear of the future.  As much as they fought it, my imaginary ending says they get married and raise the twins happily ever after.

I Need Romance 3 I wasn’t too crazy about Woo Young & Hee Jae’s ending.  They were such a cute little couple.  He started to look so much better when he lost the “Moe of the 3 Stooges” hair do, and opted more for a “James Dean” haircut.  Funny how hair can make someone look more handsome.  She finally finds a guy with a serious job who is crazy about her but right then she has to see if she can be independent by traveling for a year on her own?  Of course the show had to have a twist.  I guess that was one of them.cute couple

I think this was an awesome series and I loved every minute of it.  I Need Romance 3 almost – almost – beat out the original I Need Romance  with Choi Jin Hyuk.  Although I must say that there’s no way Choi Jin Hyuk could have played Sweet Potato as well as Sung Joon.  Sung Joon was the perfect actor for this part.  My favorite and cutest moment of the finale was when Joo Yeon made dinner for Sweet Potato, and he tried his hardest to make the food go down smoothly.  At least he was supportive. 😉

This series is going to rank very high on my list because there were no tear jerker moments, it was funny, there were quite a few hotties, they kissed and made it believable – not awkward, and I got the romantic ending I wanted.  Maybe I need to stick to the Rom/Coms, they’re way more fun!

If they come out with an I Need Romance 4, I just know there’s no way they can top this one.  But then again, I said that about the original I Need Romance.

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