I Need More Romance

I Need Romance 3 is here! I didn’t even know it was coming until I tripped over it just like I tripped and fell over my first Korean drama Heirs.  I found and watched the short preview on Hulu.com and it looks really cool.  Lots of girl eye candy, it seems.  I am familiar with none of the actors in this series.  But the lead guy, Allen Joo (played by Sung Joon) seems to be a cutie-patootie and has a voice like my favorite bad boy Kim Woo Bin.  I’m not complaining.

I loved the original I Need Romance with Choi Jin Hyuk so much that I can actually spell and remember his name without hunting him down on Google.  Let’s see if Sung Joon can hold my attention like that *wink*.  I must say the female leads are quite cute as well.  OK, the girls are actually down right pretty, but I am a girl, I have no energy for their looks, but I will find plenty of energy for some stylish clothes and cool hair and makeup so I’ll keep an eye open for that.

Short Trailer


The I Need Romance franchise always seems to remind me of Sex And The City.  Especially with a line like “You wouldn’t go barefoot when shopping for new shoes…” – and they weren’t talking about shoes!   Let’s see if this 3rd version of I Need Romance will keep me captivated like the original.  I never watched I Need Romance 2012 because after the original cast, I just felt no one else could compete.  But some time has passed, and the preview was amazing, so here goes.  I’m watching the first episode on DramaFever.com tonight, Hulu.com doesn’t have it yet.

The 3rd season promises to be fun, more honest, hot, have tons of kissing, tons of romance, aggravation, and lots ‘o love.  What more can you ask for?  No blood, gore or sad endings, I hope.  I can be happy with that.  I’m staying tuned, for sure.

Special mention needs to be made of the “sweet potato” babies, they are soooooooo cute and adorable!  Let me know your thoughts on this show.  I’m likin’ what I see so far 😉

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