Hyde, Jekyll, Me

So, Hyun Bin got out of the military in 2013 and did a comeback movie “The Fatal Encounter” in the early part of last year,The Fatal Encounter - Hyun Bin which I have yet to see.  But I’m sure I heard the faint screams in the distance, and bodies gracefully fainting to the ground when Hyun Bin’s back spread was revealed in that movie (thank you, military people for your awesome work!)

Hyun Bin’s Baaaaack!

But this article is not about Hyun Bin’s gorgeous back spread, but about Hyun Bin’s upcoming new drama.  If you’re like me and have been waiting for Hyun Bin to return to KDrama land, you won’t have to wait much longer.  Beginning January 21, 2015, Hyun Bin returns to the Kdrama screen with “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” (하이드지킬, 나), co-starring Han Ji-Min.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

This drama is set in a theme park/circus, it involves romance (happy me),  and a bit of split personality weirdness. Hyun Bin’s character’s split personality involves the cold “Hyde” personality, (think Kim Won in Hiers), complete with a pair of glasses and a crisp suite, and then there’s the bubbly “Jekyll” personality, same suit, no glasses, different romantic vibe.

Hyun Bin plays Koo Seo-Jin, whose the director of a theme park called Wonderland, and Jang Ha Na (played by Han Ji-Min) is a master and actress in a circus at the same theme park. Koo Seo-Jin apparently wants the circus out of Wonderland and is working hard to kick them out, but Jang Ha Na re-organizes the circus to stay.  And in true KDrama fashion, they fall in love during the conflict.  Classic KDrama push and pull.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me Teaser

I’m just happy that I get to see Hyun Bin rock a suit (beautiful!), view his gorgeous side profile, buzz hair cut and all. I hope this is a good drama. He’s had some fantastic hits, and some not-so-good ones over his career. I’m crossing my fingers for this one to be a success, but I’ll enjoy watching Hyun Bin while I figure that out.

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