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Not Another One

I am blown away always when any young person takes their life. I am in shock when another Korean actor/singer/entertainer does the same. They seem to have it all, but statistically, Korea is known for it’s high suicide rate amongst young people, and it never seems to lighten up.

Goo HaRa Found Dead

Today, singer and actress Goo Ha Ra (구하라) was found dead in her home in Seoul. She, like many entertainers who’ve passed away before her, will never make it to her 30th birthday. She was just 28 years old.

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Last month it was her good friend Sulli. Today it is Goo Ha Ra. Almost 2 years ago it was Jonghyun at the prime of his life and career. In between there are countless others who’ve done the same. Next month, next week, the next day – I hope there is not another. What’s even more astonishing, is we – from the other side of the world – only hear about the ones that are top news ….. how many more occur that we are not aware of?

Goo HaRa was a member of the popular Kpop girl group Kara. The group disbanded in 2016 and Goo HaRa continued on with a Solo career, with songs such as “Choco Chip Cookies” and “How About Me”. She also acted in many Korean Dramas like City Hunter, countless Reality shows & Award shows spanning 13 years.

With so many Korean entertainers losing their lives so young, it’s so easy for us to say “Something needs to be done right now, Ding Blang It!”. While that may be true, it may be more than we, from another culture, can understand. And so, on this Sunday, when many went to pray in the morning, get themselves together to start another week, Goo Ha Ra decided she did not want to be in this world for another day, and many of us will never understand the “why” of it all. That was my 2nd thought. My first was “Oh God, again?” My third, which I’ve repeated way too many times in anguish was: “but she was soooo young!”.


Before we judge, let us pray for her family and close friends who now have to move through this life without her. Let us pray for the countless others who are suffering right now and may see her and others who’ve done what she’s done and are deciding to do the same. For those of us who can do nothing else, let us pray. Let’s pray that a family member or friend gets to them before they make that decision that is oh, so, final.

Let’s not judge or condemn. We don’t understand. We never will, lest we walk in their shoes for a second.

Goo Ha Ra, we are all so sorry. We hope you rest in peace. We’re sorry this is the way you chose to do that. We wished there was another way. We pray for your family.

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