Emergency Couple

emergency couple babyOK, this is not a crush, but a pinchable cheek moment.  Has anyone noticed the real cutie-patootie star of Emergency couple, Oh Jin Hee’s nephew?  Oh I just want to pinch those cute little cheeks!  That kid is the cutest, most cuddly thing I have ever seen.  And so quiet!  The only time I’ve seen him wail was when the Omas were arguing after they discovered both Chang Min and Jin Hee were interning at the same hospital.  That cry doesn’t even count ’cause all babies cry when they sense adults are upset.

A Whole Lot of Emergency Couple Cuteness

And the outfits they put him in is soooooooooo cute I can’t stand it.   What can I say, whenever that bundle of cute is in a scene he just steals the show.  He’s always chillin’, looking around, just being cute – I love it.


That cutie had to have his own post.  I just couldn’t go without mentioning him **gush**.  Maybe I’ll write a post about all the cutie babies of all the kdramas I’ve watched.  Remember Sweet Potato’s baby version in I Need Romance 3? Yeah, that baby was a cutie too.  All the kdrama babies are the real “cutie-patooties” to gush about. 😉  Maybe I’ll create a new word for my posts – “KBabies”.

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