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I am a Kdrama addict…..and I thought I’d blog about it.  It’s fun, and I want to share the fun with anyone with a set of eyeballs, some curiosity and an adventurous spirit.  This blog is mainly me sharing my thoughts and feelings about dramas I’ve watched.

Sometimes I use a few choice phrases in my blog that may need some interpretation:


  • Phine: (pronounced fine) A male or female that is so beautiful, the traditional descriptive slang that is “fine” will not suffice.  Phine is a way of stating that this individual is above the ordinary standard of handsome or beautiful.  Phine emotes a feeling of awe from the viewer….. someone so good looking that when you see them, you first tilt your head to the right in disbelief, then you have to shake your head to snap you out of the Phine-induced coma.
  • Screamingly Handsome: Just a smidge below Phine.  The kind of handsome that is a shocker, knocks your socks off, the handsome is screaming at you from a mile away and you hear it loud and clear – and pay attention.
  • Woo-Bin-ishness: A handsome man with a unique look.  May be pretty or manly handsome, but it’s so unique, they don’t look like any one else – male or female.  Sometimes you have to look hard enough to wonder why they are handsome or pretty at all.  One freaky slight of nature would have made them ugly, but nature cooked them just enough to create the uniqueness.  I attached the Woo Bin moniker because he was my first handsome Korean man that I thought had a unique look.
  • Bejeebeez: A large measure, to do something very big, very hard, very strong.  Used instead of a curse word or saying a holy entity’s name in vain –  and I made this jibberish up.
  • Bod: Not a typo, usually wrapped in quotes to express that it’s not a typo, shortcut for body, usually used when someone has a FABULOUS body.
  • Kinda: Concatenation of “kind” and “of”, written in slang.  Again, not a typo, I know exactly what I’m doing.  I’d rather talk to my reader in the exact way I’m thinking it.  But I do know proper English – very well!
  • Uber: German word for “mega” or “super”, like uber-rich.  The “u” in the German word uber is supposed to have two little dots above it but my laptop doesn’t have that character.
  • Man-hands: A male actor that does not have girly hands but they’re still beautiful and well groomed in a very masculine way.  This is just a “me” thing….I am attracted to hands, can’t tell you why.  Hands are important.
  • Same-face: Giving “same-face“, similar to a model giving “good-face”.  When an actor has almost the same facial expression to convey various different emotions.  Example, frustrated and sad almost looks the same on their facial expression. Boring.
  • Gumbo: like the Louisiana dish, full of a lot of different stuff.  I use it to describe someone exposed for more than 2 years to more than 2 different cultures and countries either by birth, long term stay or both.
  • Blinding Glare: Used to express the beauty, that is so “Phine” that you don’t really notice anyone else within 20 feet of the “glow”.
  • Rockin’ a Suit: To wear the heck out a suit and look so good in it, you can only be considered “Rockin’ it” not wearing it.
  • Enh: like a verbal shrug, usually spoken out of the side of one’s mouth, quickly, and with one note.  I will never ever be able to spell it like it sounds. This is my best attempt.
  • a-Flutter:  Do I even need to explain this?  What your heart does when you’re in the presence of Phine.
  • Ab-Fab: Borrowed from the british show, meaning “absolutely fabulous”

This blog is all about my opinion, so please, no angry posts about me not getting facts straight.  I’m learning, and posting as I go.  But I do hope you have as much fun reading about my opinions as much as I had fun writing about it all…..Happy Reading  ;).


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