10 Korean Actors That Know How To Rock A Suit

I love to see good looking Korean actors dressed in gorgeous suits. But there are a few who wear a suit with confidence and swag above and beyond the average.  Typically, that makes them a head turner for any woman with a good set of eyeballs.  So what qualifies any actor as a “Suit-Rocker”? When you see them in a suit and it “rocks” your head in their direction, thinking “Damned”…..each and every time you see them in a suit – That’s a man who rocks a suit!  You notice them AND the suit AND how fabulously gorgeous they look IN said suit!  So feast your eyes on my list of the best 10 “Suit-Rocking” Korean actors below.

Top Ten Korean Actors Who Absolutely Rock A Suit

Leeminho_ suit

#10 – Lee Min Ho:

Coming in at number 10 is Lee Min Ho.  Yes, at number 10, I can hear all the girls fainting in disbelief.  But a suit rockin’ status usually comes with a little more maturity and confidence in one’s skin.  And even though Lee Min Ho is super “Phine”, he’s not quite there yet, but he will be one day.  And it will be a glorious site to see then.


#9 – Hyun Bin:

Believe it or not I’m going to say he looks really good in a suit.  But it doesn’t feel like he feels it’s a 2nd skin or that he belongs in it.  Rockin’ a suit is not only about how you look in it, but the confidence you exude when you wear it.

my love from another star actor rocks his suits

#8 – Kim Soo Hyun:

Though he’s a young’n like Lee Min Ho, he is a thousand times more confident in a suit and it shows.  Whether it was his superb acting in My Love From Another Star that helped him pull that off, I don’t know but he was doing a lot of suit-rockin’ in that drama.


#7 – Daniel Henney:

Now Mr Henney is a beautiful man, and I’m sure he can rock a suit, but for some reason, as B-E-A-utiful as he is, it’s not like a “Kapow” when I see Danny Henney in a suit.  I mean, sure, I notice the fine-ness and all, and I’m impressed when he’s in a suit, but he doesn’t blow me away like others, hence he comes in at number 7.  He still looks really good in one, though.

joo sang wook_rocking_a_suit

#6 – Joo Sang Wook:

Fresh off his suit wearing drama, Sly and Single Again, Joo Sang Wook is a definite suit-rocker for sure.  His chiseled cheekbones seem to pop even more when the crisp collar goes on, eyes twinkle with the addition of a tie, and the drooling begins when he walks anywhere in a complete suit, right down to the cuff links.

kim sung soo korean actor

#5 – Kim Sung Soo:

Sung Soo doesn’t need a suit to rock, he just rocks! ‘nough said!


#4 – Song Seung Heon:

I love this actor’s eyes like every other female in drool mode, but why is it that a dark suit with the crisp shirt ‘n tie makes his eyes even more gorgeous, and makes Song Seung Heon even more handsome?  Like that is even possible?

Kim Woo Bin Korean Actor

#3 – Kim Woo Bin:

My favorite bad boy can rock anything….suit, winter jackets, sweaters, sweats, shoes, a dead bird on his shoulder…….anything.  I love the heck out of this pict, and no more words of explanation need to be said on this one, except he’s rockin’ it with “Woo Bin” swag!!


#2 – Jang Hyuk:

Jang Hyuk is one handsome man, and I don’t know if the suit makes him look better or vice versa, but whichever is which, it works – very well! I’ve only seen him in Fated To Love You but it was enough – to make him jump straight over everyone else and land at the number 2 suit-rockin’ spot.


#1 – Choi Jin Hyuk:

He is the number ONE suit “rocker” of my KDrama viewing history.  I get “kapow!” confidence and everything else exuding from this man when he dons a suit.  None has come close to rockin’ the heaven out of a suit like Choi Jin Hyuk.  There’s a reason why I chose this pict with no shoes – who needs shoes when you can rock the heck out of a suit like Choi Jin Hyuk can?  And it appears effortless for him.  When he wears them, it looks like he doesn’t even try, like he was born in one; like he yawned with boredom while putting one on, but every head turns when he walks by.  Photos of him in a suit do not do him justice because his movement and effortless confidence in a suit is what makes him rock it.   Unfortunately you can’t teach that, you’ve either got it or you don’t.  He rocked ’em in Heirs, I Need Romance, Emergency Couple and Fated to Love You.  No one has come close yet,  and maybe none ever will!

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