The Longest Kiss

I stumbled across a video on YouTube from a  movie called Late Autumn or Sad Autumn where there is a scene with Hyun Bin and Wei Tang kissing.  It is being touted as the longest kiss in cinema history.  I won’t comment on the length of the kiss, but I will say when I was done watching that clip, I had quite a few reactions.  Within the first 30 seconds I wanted to yell “get a rooooom!”, and I’m usually not that rude.  I exclaimed “Damn” when they didn’t come up for air by the 2nd minute.  I felt as if I were intruding or interrupting a couple in there private time. Cameras?  What Cameras?  By the third minute, I needed a cigarette, and I’m not a smoker.

I swear I felt like Hyun Bin and Wei Tang forgot the cameras were rolling, or maybe the director yelled “cut” and they both simultaneously thought “screw it” and kept at it.  Either way, Wei Tang, I understand, honey, I UNDERSTAND!  If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t come up for air either.  If I was an actress playing in a movie along side Hyun Bin which required a kissing scene or two, I’d probably get fired for ignoring the word “cut”.  Or I’d get fired for purposely messing up all the kissing scenes so we could do them over and over and over again to get it right 😉 .  I’d want to practice with Hyun Bin off camera  – you know, just to make sure I get it absolutely right.

That kissing scene makes me want to find out what the story was about, which tells me I’m not a pervert that just wants to watch fine men kissing a girl, but a hopeless romantic, because I want to know why the kissing was so passionate. A peck says hello or goodbye.  That kiss had a full length story behind it.  That kiss wasn’t in a room, house, anywhere indoors, it was outside and passionate.  So, hopeless romantic detective that I am, I’m going to hunt down that movie and watch it.  Wish me luck!

**UPDATE** I finally watched this movie.  I couldn’t find it on any of my favorite spots (,,,, but I found it on and it was broken up in 6 sections.  It was interesting, and I finally found out the reason why they ended up with the longest kiss in cinema history.  But given her circumstances, she still missed an opportunity.  You’ll have to go watch it to find out what i mean 😉

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