The Hell That Is Dating

In tonight’s episode 4 of I Need Romance 3 we’ve gotten over the kiss by episode 3, and that’s right up my alley.  I can anticipate the plot will be interesting if the entire build up and anticipation is not only about the kiss.

The kiss has certainly turned the romance non-believer Joo Yeon into a giddy little school girl, just waiting by the phone.  When no call comes, she finds herself almost walking down the female hall of shame called “calling him first”.  Most girls would rather jump off a building and catch an eyelid on a nail than do that.  She hung up first before she fell into that abyss, but she recognizes that she’s in the early signs of dating hell.  One of the early signs is to question the status of the relationship, and she’s doing that already.

It’s also fair to say when you’re in dating hell never – ever – listen to your friends.  They feed into all the negative, insecure thoughts about your person of interest, and Joo Yeon’s friends perform this tap dance to a “T”, don’t they?  Poor thing, and on top of that I can hear Allen plucking at those strings,  and playing Joo Yeon like a well tuned fiddle.

On the flip side, Allen is clearly in love, he’s pursuing her, remember?  But he handles the day after the kiss in a cooler way, torturing her by not calling her for at least 3 days, and preparing for the day when he gets to move in – going shopping for things she needs at her place.  So teasingly sweet.  He knows he’s making her sweat bullets by not calling.  Guess what – he can’t call as Allen from his cell phone, he’s smart enough to know that number is locked in her phone under sweet potato. But Allen is so cool, and so different than most of the Korean guys in love in other romance dramas.  Not over obsessing, but biding his time, with teasing and patience. He also accepts all her flaws in a humorous and mischieviously loving way.  Allen is the cutie with a sense of humor in every aspect of his persona.  Pah dah pah pa paaaah, I’m loving it!

Special mention must be given to Oh Se Ryung’s business skills. When you combine those skills with the Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned After Asking First For A Break Up aspect, the girl has claws! A bitch Oh Se Ryung may be, but a bitch I admire at the negotiating table.  She has more cajones than all the men in the room.  Remember, she’s just doing this gig for fun and intrigue, and to ruffle the already ruffled feathers of Joo Yeon.  And let’s not forget Joo Yeon has no idea that her ex boyfriend is not actually dating Se Ryung.  Meanwhile, Tae Yoon’s the typical male in that scenario, cool – and silent – as a cucumber while the women’s fangs come out.  But his silence is the smartest move he makes as he presides quietly over the situation which helps him to school Joo Yeon later on her emotional behavior. This side of the story is going to be fun (rubbing my hands together, evil grin on my face)

While Tae Yoon reads Joo Yeon, he is oh so handsome doing it.  I like the calm aspect of his managing personality, his smart demeanor, and his instinctual way of encouraging his staff.  Nothing is sexier than a man that knows his business, who can ream you out while remaining calm, all with a sweet, beautiful smile on his face. (shudder)

In the end of this episode, Allen Joo/Sweet Potato finally reveals himself to Joo Yeon when she invites him over for breakfast.  I totally expected her to faint.  I really wished he had just walked in and planted a wet one on her before her shock set in, that would have been fun (and i’m obsessed with the kissing).  I can’t wait for next week to see how that pans out.

I am loving I Need Romance 3 a thousand times more than the original, because it is so fun, unpredictable, mischievous and intriguing.  I never thought I’d say that after just 4 episodes, and with no Choi Jin Hyuk anywhere in sight.   But everything, including the male leading characters are so cute, the women are so saucy, and the Hell that is dating is so hellish!  And Sung Joon certainly makes up for no Choi Jin Hyuk in his own way, doesn’t he girls ;).  Lets watch and see if Sung Joon takes his shirt off!

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