The Best And Worst Hair of Korean TV

There’s good hair, there’s bad hair days, and then there’s just plain ole’ bad hair (24/7/365).  My hair has personally made it into all three categories at one time or another.  Heck, my hair will probably create it’s own bad categories.  It’s safe to say that I am more than qualified to make all the comments below about hair.

I tortured my hair by chopping it so many times I can’t count.  I’m talking waking up with long hair in a crazy mood in the morning, and coming home with a buzz cut at the back and long spikes in the front by the evening.  I have streaked it, shaved it, worn it long (my own, not a weave) and burned it off so many times my hair went on strike.  I am experienced in hair days, weeks or months so bad you just want to put a paper bag over your head before you go out instead of trying to tame the madness.

However, we girls have tons of tricks to tame our hair, beat it down, and cover it up other than a hat. We can make it look beautiful and I am blessed with tons of it so that the bad hair days/weeks/months are but a distant memory.  But saying all that about hair – I think there’s some hair that just shouldn’t be shown on TV, some hair that even the hottest blow dryer and flat iron can’t fix, and some TV hair that makes you wonder “What were they thinking?”

The Worst

Goo Joon Pyo’s Boys Over Flowers hair just made me want to spray him with a water hose and smother him with gel – which would probably make everything worse.  The big hair curls on a guy….nooooot a good look after 1970.  At All.  Ever.  (did I say “ever”?)

Now another Boys Over Flowers mate with hair where I don’t know what to do with was Yoon Ji Hoo.  It wasn’t as bad as Joon Pyo’s, but the cut was a little girlish in the beginning.  It got better by the end, and so I was able to put my scissors away.

Summer Scent‘s Yoo Min Woo’s locks were too highlighted, too long, too curled and combined with all those sleeveless tops, made him look girlish.  Song Seung Heon is 100% manly man, please don’t do that to him again….ever!

Park Seo Yeon’s little pony tail ‘do in I Need Romance was just a no-no on a girl so beautiful. Anything else would have looked better; a hat, a wig, wet dripping hair, a wet cat on top of her head – anything!

The Straddlers

Cha Moo Hyuk’s hair in I’m Sorry I Love You needs mentioning, but only So Ji Sub can pull that off and make it look downright cool, no one else better dare.  His hair really is straddling the Worst and the Best list.  It’s the worst if someone else tries this look, it’s the best ’cause Moo Hyuk knows how to rock it! It was an appropriate look for the character, so I would say it’s an honorable mention.

The Best

Kim Tan of Heirs rocked his ‘do!  I loved the color, I loved the layers, and it suited his character to the Kim Tan “T”.  It brought out his eyes, his dimples, his overall good looks.  The girls are not going to be the only ones winning this section, no sir.  I’ve got to give props to the boys too.

Choi Young Do’s slicked back ‘do on Heirs was soooooo cool, leaving room for those expressive eyebrows to do their job.  He should never hide those brows, NEVER!

I liked the slightly tousled hair with no bangs of Choi Jin Hyuk in It’s OK Daddy’s Girl.  But then again Choi Jin Hyuk could put a mop over his head and I’d still think the “do” is cool.  I’m extremely biased when it comes to him, can’t you tell?  If you’re looking for an unbiased blog, this is not the place for you.

Kim Won in Heirs and Bae Sung Hyun in I Need Romance also looked sleek and modern and the ‘do just enhanced the Phine-ness of Choi Jin Hyuk.

Lee Jae Kyun from My Love From Another Star‘s gel slicked hair is surprisingly cool to me, with the little flip off the right eye.  Didn’t think I’d like it but I do.  It must be that any hair off his face shows off his gorgeous facial features.

I LOVE the hairdo’s of both Kim Tae Hee and Kim Yun Hee’s in Glass Slippers. Both were very elegant and understated, love it.

Park Jung Ah of Summer Scent had a cute little up ‘do right before she figured out that Yoo Min Woo and Shim Hye Won were on the island together.  I actually noticed the style and paused the screen just to look at it I thought it was so cute.

I love the long layers of Cheon Song Yi from My Love From Another Star.  Maybe because she is so pretty she makes a standard haircut that I’ve seen thousands of times look really good.

Now Yoon Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers made both lists with the same ‘do.   Even though the cut was a little girlish, it was a b-e-a-utiful cut.  Any guy brave enough to wear it better be pretty as hell to pull it off (which Yoon Ji Hoo is) and any girl rockin’ it would look just as good.

Which hairdo did you think was the best and worst?

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