New KDramas to Watch: Discovery of Love & My Secret Hotel

I’ve added some new KDramas to watch this week and My Secret Hotel, Marriage, Not Dating and Discovery of Love was on that list.  I was trying to include Surplus Princess, and I have to say I don’t know how I feel about Surplus Princess, I have to reserve my opinions with some more episodes, so far, it’s looking like I’m not going to ever finish that one.

Discovery of Love

But Discovery of Love (aka Discovery of Romance) has definitely peaked my interest because one of my favorite actors is in it and also a newbie actor (in my repertoire – not to the acting scene).  Sung Joon, who plays Nam Ha Jin, is on my list of favorite Korean actors.  I first discovered him in I Need Romance 3, and Can We Get Married.  I Jeongmal, Jeongmal loved his performance in I Need Romance 3, and so far I am loving his performance in Discovery of Love.

eric-moonAlso, there’s a new little gem – Eric Moon – who I’m discovering for the first time, and his acting so far seems to be good –really good.  I was so tickled pink about Sung Joon being in this KDrama that I almost didn’t take in Eric Moon until halfway through episode one.  To say he’s a cutie is an understatement, and I am learning that he was in a really successful boy band, he almost gave up with that, and he had to fight some battles to keep that band alive.  Needless to say he succeeded, he’s still here, and I’m enjoying it.

I like the story line as well, with the female actress Jung Yu Mi who plays Han Yeo Reum.  Han Yeo Reum seems to have a pretty little life.  She’s a successful designer with a really cool boyfriend (Nam Ha Jin played by Sung Joon) who’s ready to pop the question, although she doesn’t know it yet.  But out of nowhere and purely by accident, she tripped (literally) over her ex (Kang Tae Ha played by Eric Moon) and he seems to have missed her and wants her back.  Now he’s going to be working closely with Han Yeo Reum, and she clearly doesn’t want to, ’cause she smells a whole heap of trouble.  And that’s the just beginning.

Sounds titillating.  To say I would pay all the money in the world NOT to be in her shoes right now is an understatement.  Her soon-to-be fiancé (if she doesn’t screw that up) appears to be a genuinely nice guy, but her ex sure is sexy as heck and über charming, even though he was previously a clueless boyfriend. He wants her back because he never wanted to break up with her in the first place, which I’m sure will add to the drama of her nightmare.  I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

I must make mention of Han Yeo Reum’s 2 roommates, particularly Do Joon Ho (played by Yoon Hyun Min).  Hyun Min’s comedy timing is awesome, and I’m sure that’s helped by his intensely asian eyes.  They suit him, especially when he’s being funny.  Not that he’s not a looker, I think he’s a cutie, though not as drop-dead gorgeous as some of my other favorites.  I’ve seen him in other comedy dramas (Witches Romance) and that uniquely strong look worked in his favor again.  Until I see him in a serious drama, he’ll be typecast in my mind as the funny guy with the intense eyes ;).

Kim Seul GiAnd let’s not forget the other roommate Yoon Sol, played by Kim Seul Gi.  Yoon Sol was an hilariously rough-around-the-edges girl in love with a friend who never saw her in a romantic way.  She sulked and screamed and was just an all around quirky roommate to watch.  Up-with-her-crush’s-crap-she-did-not-put, and when she finally had the courage, she gave him a piece of her mind.  I always like the unique, strong, funky female characters, lead or otherwise, and she definitely fit the bill.

This show is on quite a few of my online watch spots, and I have to give away something in episode 4.  The fight scene?  Simply divine.  I’m not an evil girl, on the contrary.  The fight scene actually appeals to my romantic side.  You know, the current-boyfriend-ex-boyfriend-male-testosterone-struggle over the girl.  Sexy as all get out.  I’m weird like that….card carrying member!  This drama I am definitely going to finish – maybe even watch it twice …all the way to the juicy, drama-filled end.

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