Name That Tune – Sly & Single Again (Cunning Single Lady)

Out of respect for the Sewol tragedy in South Korea, I haven’t really been posting that much.  But I have been utilizing the time to watch the first 14 episodes of Sly and Single Again and I absolutely love some of the music.  I always seem to love the music from most of my favorite KDramas.  I have a long standing love affair with music – period, and I appreciate the universal language of it.  There are some that touch me deeply, making me want to listen to it over and over again.  In a previous post, Ear Candy I talked about my extreme sensitivity to beautiful music, and this song in the video below hits that spot for me.  The male and female voices are so pure and clean, as evidenced by the simple way they sing this tune, with no distracting runs at all, making it even more beautiful.  That and the combination of the piano arrangement, blended beautifully with the chill inducing violins, even the guitar arrangement is perfectly soft.  I would love to find this, so I need a name of the artist, the name of the song, anything, because I just have to add this to my collection.

I am so desperate for this tune, that I’ve added the video to my favorites in YouTube and have begun playing it round the clock.  I need help, people.  You know, with an English song I can just play it, wait for the chorus, figure out the name, then hunt it down on iTunes.  Not always that easy with Korean music, especially when it’s from a show.  Unlike American/British artists, who I can actually recognize their voices and know who’s singing a tune without ever having to hear the song before, I’ve not gotten to that stage yet with korean music, and I may never, as I am exposed to the music usually through my kdramas only.  So I need some help.

If you know the artist, the name of the song, the words (korean is fine but must be the alphabet version) someone kindly post in the comments section.  I would really appreciate it and be very grateful.


^ ^ I Found it!!!! YAY! It is called “I Really Love You”, not sure yet who sings it but you better believe I will find out! You can find the romanization or Hangul lyrics here.  I’ve posted the video below for anyone to enjoy the full song, and I’ve updated the original video above.  Enjoy – I know I will ^ ^

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