My Love From Another Star

The new show, My Love From Another Star is finally here and it’s an interplanetary drama starring the cute (yes I said cute, ’cause that’s what he is, it’s all about perspective) Kim Soo Hyun and the very beautiful Jun Ji Hyun. Although the show’s name translation includes the word “star”, I really think they may have meant My Love From Another Planet??? Just my opinion. While that cannot be confirmed by me because I can’t speak, read or write a lick of Korean, I am deducing that if they are speaking about aliens and love, then the alien probably came from another planet. Some one will shut me up about this I’m sure. I can’t wait.

So far I like Kim Soo Hyun’s Character Do Min Joon. He’s the cool, confident, uber-handsome, impossibly young college professor, who’s seriously cold as a block of ice. I guess that’s what being an alien in a foreign place for 400 years can do to you. He projects a tall height on screen, even though he’s only 5’11” (I’m a tall girl so that’s only 2″ more than me). From what I see so far of him in the first 2 episodes, I like it. I’m drawn in by Min Joon’s coolness, his cold confidence, and it makes me want to see more of how this series is going to unfold.

The storyline takes Min Joon to planning a return to his home planet, and hoping to see once more a young girl he saved – twice he believes in the past 400 years – but he wants fate to make it happen, and nothing else. But you and I know fate doesn’t always work the way we want it in TV land, and he’s already met her recently, without even knowing it.

Jun Ji Hyun plays Cheon Song Yi, the beautiful, arrogant yet insecure, almost air-head actress who’s working her hardest to stay on top. She’s fascinated by a handsome hero (Min Joon) who saved her life as a young girl, but who’s handsome features she can’t remember. He seems to have captured a place in her heart, that her rich persistent boyfriend – Lee Jae Kyung, played by Shin Sung Rok – cannot fill. Jun Ji Hyun is gorgeous, and if I were a guy I’d give her the title of “Phine” and she’d deserve it. I think she’s a looker enough to mention it. And her acting seems believable and very natural to me. I’ve not seen her in any other dramas yet, this one is my first, so far so good.


It’s obvious Min Joon and Song Yi are going to get together romantically in this series, but I’m excited to see how these two polar opposites are going to make it happen. And, Min Joon is eye candy – baby-face looking – but eye candy just the same.

On another note, I LOOOOOOOVE the real estate in this series. Min Joon’s 2 story family room in his apartment with it’s clean modern furniture just tickles my fancy, and he appears to be a crazy neat freak in this series. Song Yi’s unit is no chopped liver either. Whoever scouted the location for this series gets a red star from me. I’d watch the show just to look at those gorgeously decorated spaces. I’m typically not a fan of ultra modern design but I like this look, right down to the design details of the entrance doors.


I’m staying tuned to this one, and I hope you are too. We’ll see how it unfolds.

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