Meet Korean-Nigerian Han Hyeon-Min

Korea’s First Black Model

Meet Korean-Nigerian Han Hyeon-Min (한현민, Han Hyun-Min).  Han Hyeon-Min is the male model who is taking the modeling world by storm.  As the easy-going, first model of the darker flavor in Korea, Han Hyeon-Min stands approximately 6’3″, and seems to add another 3 inches in height with the coolest hair. Han Hyeon-Min – who never traveled outside of Korea before modeling, has everyone talking.

Discovered via Instagram while still in school at the tender age of 15, an agent arranged a meeting to see Han Hyeon-Min walk & signed him to their agency right on the spot. He now has an Instagram following of 126,000 and counting. At this young age, he has been named one of Time Magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens of 2017.

Shopping With Model Han Hyeon Min

What is most intriguing about Han Hyeon-Min is his easy-going personality and his smile. He smiles like an innocent, excited, teenage boy, and it is infectious. It’s as if he has no idea that his very presence in the modeling world is making waves. He appears to just go about his business with a Joie-de-vie that only teens seem to master.

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Many believe he knows the impact he’s making, and in interviews he has discussed his experiences of racism, about always standing out. Though he stands out in every way, his personality is not one to cower. He seems to embrace all the attention with an ease only borne by this constant experience and a resolve to just “shake it off”. Han Hyeon-Min’s made mention of a trip to Europe, where no one seemed to care or stare. He just blended in.  It must have been a new experience for a model who stands out constantly in Korea.

If you watch the video, you’ll see tons of folks looking on – maybe because he’s so tall, or because he’s black, or because of both AND the school uniform. It could be because Han Hyeon-Min’s being filmed and interviewed on camera and clearly a celebrity.  Or it might be all of the above, and I LOVE IT!

Han Hyeon-Min is kicking down doors, being a role model to those like him in Korea, and  2 thumbs up for doing it so well. Fighting!

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