I Love You Don’t Cry

I Love You Don’t Cry aka Don’t Cry My Love, is an older romantic KDrama from back in 2008-2009, starring Lee Jung Jin, Lee Yoo Ri, and Lee Sang Yoo that I am watching at this moment. I’d said previously in another post that I wouldn’t watch this show because of the huge amount of episodes, 132 episodes in all.

But my interest was piqued when I’d discovered Lee Jung Jin in another rom-com, 9 End, 2 Outs. I’d notice his comedy timing was really excellent, and of course I noticed he was a cutie-patootie. So while searching for a new rom-com to get into, I saw I Love You Don’t Cry again, realized he was in it, along with another new find, Lee Sang Yoon, who is currently in Liar Game (which of course I am watching!).

I thought I’d give it a go, and realized that each episode is just a half hour long which makes the 132 episodes not seem so daunting. Lee Jung Jin’s character, Hang Young Min, is a handsome young architect who’s engaged to a girl from a well-to-do family who thinks he’s barely scraping by in the qualified-to-marry-my-daughter category. They accept him only because their daughter loves him hard.  Then he finds out from an ex girlfriend who comes to Korea on a visit, that he has a son from six years ago, which said ex failed to mention – ever.  The purpose of her trip is to dump the kid off on Young Min because she’s getting married and her fiancé doesn’t like her son. ( -_- ). What was she thinking, that her son is a handbag? Any-waaaaay.

Poor Young Min feels like he’s been run over by a freight train with the news, and struggles to find a way to tell his fiancée Min So Young (played by Oh Seung Hyun) about his 6-year-old son from another relationship. Of course his fiancée wigs out completely, calling off the wedding, then offering him a way out by stating that they can go live in another country without his son, Joon (played by Kim Jin Seong). Shockingly, Young Min accepts, and appears that he doesn’t plan to make this a permanent set-up. Except Young Min’s future mother-in-law does not want Joon’s name on the family registry, and So Young agrees with Oma (selfish girl!).

Now there’s another side story, involving Joo Mi Soo (played by Lee Yoo Ri) and her family, who through her nieces, her work (freelance writer), and her close proximity to Young Min’s neighborhood, she’s intertwined with Young Min’s Life.  It really is a little complicated, and so is her family.  As a KDrama rom-com, there’s always a love triangle, and she, Young Min and So Young are it….along with the goofy, lovable, best friend of Mi Soo –  Jang Hyun Woo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) who has a secret crush on her through all the thousands of crazy dates and girls he’s gone through. Guess what?  Surprise…(or not), he starts to fall for Mi Soo (which now makes this a love – square?), and in true best friend form, he knows all about Mi Soo’s slowly unfolding relationship with Young Min, and he tries to keep quiet about his feelings.

Well, Young Min finally comes to his sense and sees that his fiancée, So Young, is just the most selfish Creighton (-_-) on the planet, and begins to loathe the ground she walks on, and also really starts to notice the good girl that Mi Soo is.  They begin to date, or “meet”, and Mi Soo’s family loves Young Min. Even Young Min’s grandpa has warmed up to Min Soo. Young Min’s Aunt, on the other hand, is not budging, Because she wants him to get back with So Young for the family status.

Now there’s some parts to the story, some twists and turns that makes this even more mind bending (or mind numbing, depending on how you look at it), and I’m not going to tell you all about that. I really want you to watch it, And I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns for anyone that hasn’t seen it. I like all of the main actors’ acting skills in this series. They were very good, very natural, and I love how natural Kim Jin Seong played the character of Joon.

I think this is a good show to add your Kdrama viewing list, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Just remember, this show’s a long one.

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