Lee Min Ho Girlfriend


Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae is Asia’s new “it” couple

It’s official, not only does the über popular actor and singer Lee Min Ho (Heirs) have a girlfriend, but all the Min-Ho fans that are not wishing them well are fainting in disbelief.  I’m sure I heard the millions of “thuds” as all the girls hit the ground! The newly minted couple were recently in the UK together, and both their agencies are now confirming they’ve been dating about a month. The new Lee Min Ho girlfriend is Bae Su Ji, AKA Suzy Bae, of Miss A and Dream High, and she’s now able to call Lee Min Ho her “oppa” (오빠) and I’m sure she’s loving every minute of it – lucky girl!

lee-min-ho-girlfriendI, for one, am happy for them both.  I imagine it’s hard living that always-amped-up-at-10 lifestyle, and Lee Min Ho is a man in demand.  When do these young busy actors/actresses have the time to meet a sincere person?  It strikes me as ironic that a star as big as Lee Min Ho and as Phine as he (I had to say it, ladies) would ever be alone at all.  But I know from experience that sometimes you can be alone or lonely in a crowded room, and I don’t have to guess that hard that Lee Min Ho has had that experience.

Since he was in my first korean drama that I watched, and he was my slightly first Korean crush (not really, he was a little too young but I have to give credit where credit is due, the boy is  진짜 잘생겠어요) , on that principle alone, Min-Ho fans….please, pick yourself up, dry your tears, inhale some smelling salts, turn that frown into a smile, and let’s wish the happy couple all the blessings they deserve. 😉

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