KDramaLovr’s List Of The Good, Bad & Pretty KDrama Stars – Again

Now that my repertoire of KDramas have grown in the past 5 months, I’ve decided to create a “round 2” of  my list of all-time handsome male Korean stars of my “fav” KDramas.  The first time I did a “Good, Bad & Pretty” list, my list consisted of 3 individuals and an honorary mention.  Lee Min Ho graced the top of that list, along with Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub.  At that time I was very new to KDramas, a baby really, just a couple months watching.

I’m a little more seasoned now, and my list has grown.  Of course there’s the ole’ faithfuls on my list and you’ll see them in each group.  Though the title of this list is self explanatory, there may be some that need definitions, they are as follows – Good is handsome and/or manly; Bad is all of handsome, manly, ‘n dripping with a ton of bad-boy sex appeal; and Pretty is a combination of Good, Bad and just plain, screamingly, drop-dead, super-drool gorgeous! (And Manly….I can’t handle the girly pretty boys).   This time I’m not writing a drool-fest book about each individual, so just feast your eyes on my list of: 

The Good, The Bad, & The Pretty – Round 2


….We’ll start with The Good.

The Good


joo sang wook
Joo Sang Wook

I never condone smoking, but Joo Sang Wook of Sly And Single Again just makes it look so downright cool I can forgive it just this once.  He is not new to my repertoire, I’d seen him first in Thornbirds. He was great in Thornbirds and proving to be even better in Sly And Single Again.  I think he is very handsome, and he has beautiful, manly hands.

Sweet Potato Love - I Need Romance 3
Sung Joon

Sung Joon of I Need Romance 3 was the surprise cutie-patootie looker who’s handsomeness creeps up on you, with an oh-so sexy voice.

Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk makes my list again, but not as an honorary mention, but a main course.  After his stint in HeirsI Need Romance, and most recently, Emergency Couple, He’s got it, no doubt about it.

Song Seung Heon

Song Seung Heon will always make my list, no matter what, and without even trying – hence my “lazy” pict.   And any girl breathing, with a pulse, and feasting her eyeballs on Seung Heon can see what I mean.

Seo Do Young
Seo Do Young

Seo Do Young mesmerized in Spring Waltz and Friend Our Legend.  I love his look, and struggled to come to a decision as to whether he should make the pretty list or not.  He is beautiful, no doubt about it, but would I turn my head in disbelief?  Not sure, he’s sort of a quiet beauty to me.  Not screamingly handsome, but still, you’ll notice this man and won’t be able to take your eyes off him.

Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun is fresh off My Love From Another Star and is very popular right now but while I love his acting and think he’s really cute and good looking, I’m not sure he has the SUPER DOOPER Phiness to qualify for the Pretty list.  Just my opinion.


The Bad

so ji sub sex appeal

cool ji sub So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is ALWAYS (no pun intended) my number one super sexy bad boy.  So nice I had to list him twice and include 2 photos.

kim woo bin
Kim Woo Bin

No bad boy list would be complete without my next favorite bad boy, Kim Woo Bin.  It is clear in all my posts that I have a bad boy love for Kim Woo Bin, and no one, except So Ji Sub, can trump his bad boy sexiness. While he doesn’t look that mean in this photo, the mischief is there, and he mixed “mischievous” and “bad-boy” together really well in Heirs.

won bin ssi
Won Bin

I loved Won Bin in Autumn In My Heart, and he started out with a little bad boy element in that series, but he sealed the deal with The Man From Nowhere and we all know how I felt about that movie.  Won Bin is an excellent actor, a very sexy bad boy, and quite a looker. Yum.

korean rain

I’m not sure how I feel about Rain. He’s the only one with a shirtless pict, I do try to keep this blog classy, but I clearly lost site of that when I posted this pict. But I LOVE his unique look, he fits into the bad boy roles with ease.  Really it appears he doesn’t have to try hard at all, and has the “bod” of an Adonis, he does have the bad boy sexy element, and a huge scoop of the cool factor.  So here he is.

The Pretty


b&w henney
Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney is new to this list but no less deserving. And he brings a little English speaking to my KDramas, along with a ton of Sexy, Beauty, Great Bod, and “Phine”. He could be covered in cow dung, dressed like a complete nerd, or living in a trash can, I’d still think he’s “Phine”.  I should have added a “Phine” list, he would probably be number 1!

kim sung soo
Kim Sung Su

Kim Sung Su is new for me – really new – I’m currently watching a KDrama he’s in  – Full House, and just his lips alone qualifies for the “Pretty” list.

seo kang joon
Seo Kang Joon

I struggled with putting Seo Kang Joon of Sly And Single Again on the pretty list – not because he’s not pretty – though he does have a very unique look.  I really think he’s very handsome.  His unique look is mesmerizing, he’s not cut from the flower boy mold like some I’ve seen lately.  I  really noticed his eyes in a different way, they are captivating like So Ji Sub’s but without Ji Sub’s sexy heat, beautiful like Song Seung Heon’s but with a little more ….je ne sais quois.  And his smile is beautiful, with those pouty lips. He has the “Woo-Bin-ish” factor….very unique.

Hyun Bin
Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin has made my Pretty list but he really encompasses all 3 of my lists.  He is very handsome, but captivatingly so, hence he made the Pretty list, not the Good list.  But, with my viewing of Friend Our Legend, he could squeeze – barely – on the bad boy list as well….at the bottom.  He has the sex appeal, and it’s a little bad, but damn – he is screamingly, drop-dead super-drool gorgeous, which qualifies him for this pretty list.  He’s shot to the top of my favorite list of KDrama stars, past all my ole’ favorites.  He just came in and blew everyone out the water.

Lee Min Ho

No list would be complete without Lee Min Ho.  He made the 1st “Pretty” list, and any other Pretty list I plan to add in the future.  He’s a younger version of Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney’s screamingly handsome, drop-dead super-drool gorgeous, and he’s popular as heck!

Tell me who you’d like to see added to any of these lists.

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