KdramaLovr’s 2015 New Years Resolution

Wait….you made new years resolutions too? Again this year? Good Luck. I’ve made my share of good and not so good new Year’s resolutions in my lifetime.  And, no, my 2015 New Year’s Resolution isn’t to write more articles about So Ji Seob.  This year, I’ve decided to make New Year’s resolutions that are realistic and that I can actually keep. That – in a nutshell, is my New Year’s resolution. To make and keep my New Year’s resolutions.

Learn Korean

I’ve made one resolution that I plan to keep for years to come – I actually started studying (seriously) the Korean language, And I am loving every minute of it. I started in November of last year, so with regards to that, my New Year’s resolution is actually to see this through – all the way through. I want to be comfortable enough to at least understand what is being said on the TV screen in Korean, or when I do visit Korea, I want to be able to handle a simple basic conversation.

It’s been an interesting journey, learning the language. It makes my year-long Kdrama viewing history much more fun when I can understand what the heck they’re saying without having to look at the English subtitles. I can now see expressions of sarcasm, lust, fear or anger on the faces of my favorite actors and actresses because my eyeballs are not focused 100% on  reading what their words mean.  I have always been a language nerd, and this will not be a hard resolution for me to actually keep.

Visit Korea

Another resolution I plan to keep is that I plan to visit Korea. And definitely in the summertime only. I’m understanding that it can get quite cold there. I even started exploring their food, and have had the most delicious bowl of bibimbap in my life ever – not that I’ve ever had anywhere else to compare it to, But the darn thing was good!

Lose Some Weight

And of course, as I am female, I’ve even squeezed in the obligatory weight-loss new Year’s resolution. This appears to be the first time that I may be successful, As I am motivated to get back to where I feel comfortable. I’ve set up my treadmill, I’m using it everyday, and I’ve already seen a small drop in weight. Many of my friends tell me I don’t mean to lose any, but this what I need from me.

Explore The World

My other resolution is that I need to explore, a whole lot more, the world that is my oyster.  And so, with that said, I’m going back to my days of traveling, when I would wake up one day and just plan a trip to some obscure place, where the language is far from English and the people may or may not look like me.

So that’s my resolutions in a nutshell…..wish me luck

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