KDramaLovr Loves ChromeCast

My friends chuckle at my Korean TV obsession.  Many also ask “how are you watching all this TV on your computer?”.  I am not, I am watching on my 50″ flat screen all with the help of Chromecast.

I love my tech toys, and I love my TV.  This neat little gadget allows me to marry both.  It affords me the laziness of not having to get up to switch shows.  Let me explain.

When I first discovered Korean Dramas, I watched exclusively on my lap top.  Not bad, but not the best.  I didn’t like watching hours of any kind of shows on a laptop.  The sound quality on a lap top doesn’t compare to a flat screen TV.  I’d had one of those mini display port to HDMI connectors, and I’d sit my macbook on the dresser to reach the TV.  If I wanted to change the video, or anything else displaying on the screen from the macbook, I’d have to get up and make the switch on the computer.  While I like exercise, that’s not the way I want to do it.  I went hunting for a program that would allow me to use some type of remote?  I didn’t really even know what I was looking for.

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Then one day I was on YouTube and I saw an ad for Chromecsast.  I HATE TV ads of any kind.  I would TiVo a show just so I could fast forward through commercials.  Online TV doesn’t give you that luxury.  But YouTube allows you, after 5 seconds, to cancel a commercial. I didn’t this time.  When I found out how much this thing cost ($35 – ONE time) and that there was not a monthly fee of any kind, I trotted to the nearest Best Buy store to pick one up.  I did research it a bit before I tried it, and it seemed simple enough.


I unpacked it out of it’s cute little box, and plugged it in.  No extra cable-like box to put on top of a ton of other boxes, nothing.  It’s so damned easy the most novice tech person can figure it out.  Now it comes complete with a power cord that connects from the back of the Chromecast device to either a free USB port at the back of your TV, or you can connect the cord to the A/C adapter and plug it into a wall outlet, but you don’t really need it if you use a free USB port to juice it up and pull power from your TV.  It also has a USB to HDMI adapter with a little short cord, I used mine because when I plugged in the Chromecast to my HMDI port it jutted into the wall.  My TV is wall mounted, so I used the adapter to maneuver around that.  You must have an HDMI port for this to work.

Once the Chromecast media adapter was connected the setup instructions pops up on the screen and tells you exactly what to do.  Chromecast will only stream videos from a chrome browser.  That’s no big deal for me.  I stream videos on chrome and use my other browsers to do everything else.

Now I love that I don’t have to keep jumping up and walking over to the TV to change a video.  I will say that you should have a super high speed internet connection to get the ultimate experience.  My internet with AT&T is kind of slow because the faster speeds are not available in my area, so every now and again, during peak hours, my chrome cast drops its connection even though my laptop does not.  I’m not bitchin’ because I know I have a mind-numbingly slow connection.   I only really notice it though, when I use Chromecast

With ChromeCast I get to watch my Korean shows just like regular TV, complete with commercials.   I do it on my schedule, and with a nice 50″ screen view.  I can watch any online video. The device doesn’t allow you to watch video you’ve actually downloaded unless you open the video with your chrome browser.  But knowing Google, they’ll probably figure that out soon.  If I were still watching using my laptop, a mini display port to HDMI connectors and my legs as a remote, I probably would have given up a long time ago and this blog would definitely not have been born.

The fact that this thing is only $35 is mind blowing.  For now, Lady KDramaLovr gives a thumbs up to Chromecast.

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