Daniel Henney’s Acting

I’d written about Daniel Henney’s acting in another post, Discovering Hyun Binand I mentioned that I thought his acting wasn’t that strong.  In most of the Korean dramas I’ve watched him in, he spoke mostly English, so I’ve always assumed the language wasn’t the issue.  I just assumed he was a very good looking guy who wasn’t a very strong actor.  You know what they say about assuming.  Well, I can assume no more because I was proven very wrong last night.

Daniel Henney In NCIS Los Angeles

I watched Daniel Henney last night in an episode of NCIS Los Angeles and he was excellent! He was believable, natural, all of the things I’ve looked for from him in KDramas that I felt I never got.  And so I want to set my record straight.  Daniel Henney was really good – really!

I will say that I believed maybe his acting didn’t come across strong in the KDramas because of challenges with the language?  I can only guess and ponder.  But it was like night and day between what I saw in a show that spoke all English versus a show that Daniel was the only person speaking English throughout the show. Maybe it was easier for him to interact with the responses from other actors because he could completely understand?  Again, I am totally guessing, because I do not know the scope of his understanding of the Korean language.

And so I stand corrected, Daniel Henney (*bow*), in my book, not only are you gorgeous as heck, but you are a fine actor as well.  That was evident in the fact that I was not drooling hard while watching NCIS, but mesmerized by the character, wondering “was he, or wasn’t he…..going to the other side?“.  If this is where you’ve grown to in your acting, keep up the excellent work.

Hat’s off.

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