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Korean Drama Healer


The Korean Drama, Healer, has to be the best k-drama in a long time that involved danger, fighting, romance, secrets, weird degrees …

I Love you Dont Cry Korean Drama

I Love You Don’t Cry

I Love You Don’t Cry aka Don’t Cry My Love, is an older romantic KDrama from back in 2008-2009, starring Lee Jung Jin, Lee …

Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min in Hyde Jekyll and Me

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

So, Hyun Bin got out of the military in 2013 and did a comeback movie “The Fatal Encounter” in the early part of last …

KDrama Addict

My One Year KDrama Anniversary

I’ve been keeping an eye on all my favorite and new Kdrama shows, I’ve not posted as much about them individually as it consists of so many …